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with the power of god in great glory

with the power of god in great glory
It’s official. I’m ready to hop on a plane to travel with Elder and Sister Bednar. Wouldn’t it be unforgettable to hear stories from saints around the world? Elder Bednar recounted that he’s “witnessed faith, courage, perspective, persistence, and joy that extend far beyond mortal capacity.” 
Luckily, you don’t need to book a first-class ticket for this kind of experience. You can hear these stories from any “covenant-keeping disciple of Jesus Christ.” 
(Don’t you wish we could gather to share stories for hours?)
Nephi saw a vision of covenant-keeping disciples throughout the world. They were “armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory.”
Do you believe that Nephi saw youYour choice to honor your covenants arms YOU with the power of God. 
Maybe you’re saying, “That isn’t my story because...” 
But the stories Elder Bednar shared illustrate those armed with power extend beyond our expectation. Think of:
Newly baptized members of the Church (Even 8 yr. olds!)
A family who sometimes felt all alone but were strengthened by the Lord.
A faithful woman who struggled but received revelation.
What was a common thread in these stories? They all experienced trials, but through their faithfulness to ordinances and covenants, they were armed with God’s power.
“[Our] bond with Him is the source of spiritual strength in every season of our lives.”
This bond is developed by yoking ourselves securely to Jesus. Tomorrow may be uncertain, but this relationship will enhance your ability to experience beauty in what He’s trying to teach you in this season.
The enemy doesn’t want you to understand your potential. Jesus wants us to believe our hearts can be tethered to His. Feel His arms carry more than just the weight of your burdens. 
Because He’s already paid the price.
By looking to, coming to, and learning about Him, you can learn to understand why binding ourselves to Jesus through ordinances and covenants is crucial. Still, this decision takes continued faith. 
As you choose Him, have confidence that He’s already chosen you. 
Cherished. Held. Armed with God’s power.
Because of Jesus, this is the story you can tell in every season.
Through obedience, I am armed with righteousness and the power of God. My spiritual strength comes from my bond with my Savior, Jesus Christ. 
"[Jesus Christ] invites us to look to Him, come unto Him, learn of Him, and bind ourselves to Him through the covenants and ordinances of His restored gospel."
How would relying on your bond with Jesus Christ provide spiritual strength in your current season? Create a visual reminder of your bond with Jesus Christ. This could be anything that helps you remember your covenants and provides spiritual strength. Write it down and tape it up or make it a screensaver on your phone to remind you to rely on Jesus Christ during this unique season of your life. 
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