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Lasting Discipleship

Lasting Discipleship
Read full address by President Steven J. Lund

As a senior in high school, I signed up to take an aerobics class. Physical fitness has never been a strength of mine, but I thought it might be a fun, easy way to fill the last of my credits. During the first couple weeks of school, we were required to complete multiple fitness assessments that would be tracked periodically throughout the semester. As someone who generally despises running and has never been very fast, the timed mile was my most dreaded assessment. At first, I didn’t even attempt to run; I walked the whole thing, and it was evident in my time. 

The next time we were assessed, I was shocked to find improvement in every category after what seemed like such a short time. But the daily focus on being active was increasing my endurance. 

Moving forward, my effort and endurance increased in tandem, and by the end of the semester I had shaved almost four minutes off my timed mile.

I’ve learned over the years that spiritual muscles are no different. They require consistent use to strengthen and thrive. 

Elder Lund says, “We can find spiritual confidence and peace as we nurture holy habits and righteous routines that can sustain and fuel the fires of our faith.”

So many times, I’ve fallen into the trap of thinking that effort only counts if it looks a certain way—that there are certain boxes to check in order for it to be meaningful or have a lasting impact. But I notice the biggest differences in my life and in my faith when my focus turns to consistency. 

Consistently finding time to connect with heaven through scripture study and prayer keeps my spiritual muscles strong. I remain more aware of God’s hand in my life, and can more easily feel the peace and relief He provides through life’s trials.


Choose one spiritual routine or habit that you’d like to improve, and focus on consistency this week. Every small effort counts!


I am mindfully maintaining the spiritual momentum that has carried me this far. I trust in the prophet's promise that it will continue to bring me peace and spiritual confidence.

Written by Sheridan Lacy

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