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What has our savior done for us

What has our savior done for us
read the address by president oaks

He gave us meaning, motivation, and hope. The Resurrection of Jesus Christ not only provided victory over death, it offers an entirely new way to view mortality. We find meaning in the doctrines of Christ, we are motivated to be worthy of His presence and forever sealed to our families, and we cling to the hope of brighter tomorrows. We are given the perspective and promise that these “mortal deficiencies and oppositions are only temporary.”

He gave us the chance to start again. The atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ offered the “ultimate good for the ultimate measure of evil”. He descended so that we may rise above. He went to the bitter end so that we might know a new beginning. It is through His Atonement and our willingness to repent that we are “readmitted to the presence of God, our Eternal Father.”

He gave us the choice. Agency was always a key element to God's plan, allowing us to never feel like forced followers and instead willingly accept the invitation to come, follow Him. Yes, Christ wants our obedience, but it means very little if we don't also offer our heart and willingness behind it. In the face of opposition and in a world where choices are innumerable, our choice to follow Him is one of the greatest gifts we can offer in return for all that He has done for us. 


"The Resurrection from the dead is the reassuring personal pillar of our faith. It adds meaning to our doctrine, motivation to our behavior, and hope for our future."

"Love is the motivation for it all, and it was so from the very beginning."


I offer my love and my will to the Savior in return for all He has done for me. He has given me hope, purpose, and the chance to begin again.


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