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Weak Things Become Strong

Weak Things Become Strong

Recently, I was having a conversation with a few of my team members, a 3-hour meeting in fact, about a product we're developing that feels quite intimidating to be honest. We kept proposing ideas and concepts only to pull back in fear that we'd cause thoughts of overwhelm and inadequacy or feelings of offense because of the invitations to change, become, and improve.
Then I paused and thought, hold on. THIS is what this gospel is all about! Since when did we get so sensitive about being invited to be a little better? Since when did our hearts grow a little harder and resistant to change? Since when did we start to think that we know better than a living prophet, even our Father in Heaven?
See, even as I type this I feel the need to include the caveat that of course we are entitled to personal revelation and no, we should not blindly follow. Of course we are loved and invited to come as we are, but we cannot expect to stay that way! That was never His plan, nor was it never our purpose.
Isn't interesting that we seem to eagerly soak in the bombardment of self-improvement material, new lifestyle and health hacks, hot tips to improve our hair, skin, and nails, emotional healing practices and fitness routines to a new you!
Yet, when we are presented with material through the lens of the gospel, with essentially the same goal—to improve one's overall well-being—why are we sometimes guilty of resisting it?!
Or maybe our ears are tuned to the myriad of messages of self-care and self-love rituals, personality tests that validate thoughts of that's just the way I am, how to stay authentic to the real you—no need for change—dismissing anything or anyone that tells you otherwise.

“Brothers and sisters, our divine destiny and purpose is ultimately to become like our Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. We do this as we change, or repent. We receive the Savior’s “image in [our] countenances.” We become new, clean, different, and we simply continue to work at it every day.”

Whew. There's a lot here, my friends, I know. I personally feel like I have a lot to ponder and learn this week because I will be the first to admit I have work to do here. I always love to hear your thoughts and learn together, thank you for all your insights and wisdom.



I celebrate change and the process of becoming through applying the Atonement of my Savior daily. I welcome positive change in my nature and behavior as I remain humble and faithful before Him.


Keeping it simple this week with an invitation to soften your heart. To lower your defenses. To humbly approach the Lord and ask what He would have you see in yourself this week—areas where improvements can be made and behavior can change. It's where we must begin if we truly wish to become like our Savior.
It can be an uncomfortable place at first, but He promises an outpouring of His love and overwhelming peace when we come to Him.

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