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Jesus Christ is the Strength of Youth

Jesus Christ is the Strength of Youth
Read full address by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf

At Young Women camp this summer, our camp director asked the girls to take a sticky note and write one word to describe how Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ feel about them. The next day, two poster boards were completely covered with sticky notes, and as leaders we were anxious to read the responses. Most of them made us smile, but a few broke our hearts. Clearly some of the young women felt inadequate or unworthy of love from God and His Son. I prayed their experiences at camp would inspire different responses if asked the same question at the end of the week. 

During general conference, I thought of those young women again when Elder Uchtdorf posed this question: “If the Savior were here right now, what would He say to you?” I have wondered what those young women may have answered. I have pondered my own answer as well. Elder Uchtdorf continued: “I believe He would start by expressing His deep love for you. He might say it with words, but it would also flow so strongly—just from His presence—that it would be unmistakable, reaching deep into your heart, filling your whole soul!” 

Can you imagine it? Being in the Savior’s presence and having that kind of love fill your soul so fully that you couldn’t question it? Elder Uchtdorf also said, “[The Savior] would express. . . His complete confidence in you. He would tell you that you can do this.” Jesus Christ’s love for us and trust in us guide us to making the best choices—the choices that lead us to becoming like Him. If we are feeling doubtful of His love like those young women in the first days at camp, are we willing to do something to increase our faith in His love for us? Are we going to choose to develop that relationship, to experience that love, and to build that trust?  Someone who loves us, believes in us, and is always on our side is offering to be our strength. Will we choose Him?


Find a quiet place where you can take a few minutes to close your eyes and visualize being in the Savior’s presence. What does He say to you? How do you feel? What do you say to Him? Remember the words of an Apostle of the Lord as you picture in your mind this experience.


I am building a joyful, happy life with Jesus Christ as my focus. When I have questions, He is my answer. When I feel weak, He is my strength.

Written by Lauren Madsen

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