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I pray he'll use us

I pray he'll use us

A few years ago, I experienced my first big hurricane. Our neighborhood was mostly untouched, but a few miles away, the river overflowed a bridge, sweeping away buildings and homes in the process. 

Our ward members mobilized, putting on their yellow Mormon Helping Hands t-shirts to cut up trees and clean out flood-ruined homes. I felt guilty, sitting at home with my infant and two little boys while my husband and friends helped the people who had lost everything. I wanted to be a part of helping our community, but my responsibilities at home made it difficult. I felt like I was too small to make a real difference. 

But when we look at the examples Sister Eubank shared in her talk, most of these great acts of service stemmed from small sacrifices. A woman with a sewing machine can bless a refugee in need of a prayer garment. A few spare cans of food can help a teenager feed her hungry siblings. We can “pray He’ll use us,” and if we act on the inspiration we receive, our offerings will make a difference. 

The Lord has asked us to feed His sheep. Most of us are in the position to only feed a few, rather than the whole herd. We may be able to offer a little something to a few who are in need of service, comfort, and spiritual sustenance. The apostle Paul taught that we all have our own role in the body of Christ––just as each part of our physical bodies is important for us to function, each member of the Church has their own gifts and their own role to play, and we need each other to accomplish great things.

—Lorren Lemmons

I am an instrument in His hands on the errand of His angels. The Lord has need of my unique gifts and talents to feed His sheep. I pray He’ll use me.

This week, ask the Lord in prayer how He can use you, then pray for the strength to overcome the obstacles—mentally and physically—that might get in the way.

At the end of each day, write down how you were an instrument in the Lord’s hand that day. It will not only help you to recognize the good you are doing, but also help you to see more and more opportunities to feed His sheep.

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Sue Mackey

Rio-a great article! There are so many little things we can do for people that will make their day! I am going to include this in my prayers.

Also, I want to subscribe to the print version of your magazine but I can’t figure out how to do that. Can you please shoot me an email with the info? Thanks for your inspired work. The Spirit is so strong as I read your content.

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