The Mark of a Disciple

Pair with our Brass Print Stand

For anyone working to become a lifelong disciple. Our Mark of a Disciple Tear Pad was written by the This Is Kingdom team to jumpstart you in the rhythms of discipleship. Created with youth in mind but applicable for all disciples, this beginners’ guide to discipleship includes a weekly scripture and a simple way to live it out—timeless teachings from ancient disciples with ideas to help new disciples to grow. 

The team at This Is Kingdom will be walking through Mark of a Disciple all year. If you want a note of encouragement as you walk this road, pick up a copy and travel with us.

  • 6 x 7.25”
  • Perforated pages secured with brass posts
  • 54 pages, includes cover and how-to-use page
  • Each page includes a note of encouragement, a call to action, a power phrase, and a scripture reference.