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Christ Is Risen; Faith In Him Will Move Mountains

Christ Is Risen; Faith In Him Will Move Mountains

Clear the debris to make space for worthiness. President Nelson offered a very clear invitation at the opening of conference and I want to echo his words at the beginning of this study—"pray to identify the debris you should remove from your life…”—habits or perspectives that once served a purpose in your life, but that you have perhaps outgrown or remodeled and improved. What debris might be getting in the way of your progression towards becoming like the Savior? Let go and leave behind the limiting beliefs or practices that no longer serve you. You are not the person you were 10 years ago, 5 years ago, even last year. You’ve changed, progressed, improved, and even transformed in Christ.  

Faith does not imply weakness. Despite what the world might think—faith requires a mental fortitude and spiritual stamina that allows one to believe in something that cannot be seen or proven. We also might be swayed to think that a perfect faith is required to access His perfect power. Or that the more faith we have, the more likely the miracle. But we are promised that within even a particle of faith lies the potential of miracles beyond our comprehension. Similar to the magnificence of an oak that is contained inside the tiny mustard seed. You know enough and you have what it takes to muster up the faith He requires for the miracle you are praying for.

We will face questions and doubts may arise. But it is what we DO with those questions and where we take those doubts that makes all the difference. And you will always find what you're looking for. If you're looking for a comfortable place to sit with your doubts, you will find it. But staying in a place of doubt invites passive waiting, a negative disposition, and an assuming unbelief. The doubt itself does not have the power to derail our faith, but it is when we give it the power and environment to flourish that we will begin to see our faith falter. If you are looking to increase your faith, approach your doubts with faith-filled questions. Be curious, not doubtful. Surround yourself with those who have the faith you aspire to have and “allow the Lord to lead you on your journey of spiritual discovery.”


"Your growing faith in Him will move mountains—not the mountains of rock that beautify the earth but the mountains of misery in your lives. Your flourishing faith will help you turn challenges into unparalleled growth and opportunity."

"Truly, faith is the power that enables the unlikely to accomplish the impossible. Do not minimize the faith you already have."


I am believing, and choose to stay faithful even when questions arise. My faith is small, but growing—enough to move mountains and unlock the power of God in my life.

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