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Becoming More in Christ

Becoming More in Christ

One of my favorite hymns is “More Holiness Give Me.” I love the pleading for increase, the humble calling out for greater strength and love. The words to that hymn played in my mind when I listened to Elder Gilbert’s talk about becoming more in Christ. 

But sometimes I wonder: if our worth is set, how do we become more? The Spirit reminds me that it isn’t our value that the Savior is magnifying, but rather our capacities—to love ourselves and others, to hold onto truth, and to receive more light and knowledge. 

For me, discipleship can feel daunting, and I rarely feel up to the task. Elder Gilbert explains, “Jesus Christ sees divine potential no matter where we start. He saw it in the beggar, the sinner, and the infirm. He saw it in the fisherman, the tax collector, and even the zealot. No matter where we start, Christ considers what we do with what we are given.” 

Everyone's path, everyone's slope, everyone's journey looks and feels unique. We each deal with different circumstance and different starting points, but our Savior is never discouraged by where we're at, and He is always willing to meet us there. Elder Gilbert counsels, "focus on where you are headed and not where you begin."

You can start today. You can start again tomorrow. And the day after that, and the day after that. Christ never tires of our efforts and He will lovingly turn our offerings into something more. 

It takes humility to ask for more correction, more sorrow for sin, more longing for home, but it is through the grace of Jesus Christ and the gradual shedding of our selfishness that we can turn every single one of our weaknesses into strengths. 

Christ sees us so clearly. He sees our scars and our hurts, our pain and our pride, and still—He calls us His, and He promises to give more

-Nicole Adair


I am more in Christ, full of divine potential, as I involve Him in my development. He guides me home no matter where I start.


Listen to the song "More Holiness Give Me" and pick out a phrase that speaks to your heart. Study it, pray about it. Ask our Heavenly Father for an increase in that specific blessing - more strength, more purity more trust, more joy - and then look to Christ's example. He will you the way.

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