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The things of my soul

The things of my soul

I’ve always felt a connection to the prophet Nephi. One of my favorite moments in scripture is when he pours out his heart in the intimate verses of 2 Nephi chapter 4. Here he expresses both all-consuming love and his deepest fears and doubts—all the things of his soul. 

Elder Rasband said, “Nephi’s words raise the questions ‘What things do you ponder?’ ‘What things really matter to you?’ ‘What are the things of your soul?’”

This isn’t another checklist, but rather an opportunity to evaluate and appreciate the very things that make us unique individuals—divine sons and daughters of Heavenly Parents. 

The adversary wants to use the things of our souls against us. One of my greatest strengths is my sensitive spirit and Satan knows that. He sharpens my self-doubt until it shreds through my belief, and all that is left are the tattered remains of what I think I am capable of. 

Like Nephi, I often pour out my soul to my Father, asking him to take this thing away. But when I’m on my knees, I’m reminded that it is the things of my soul—weaknesses and strengths—that turn me to my Father. 

Sometimes the things of our soul feel too heavy to understand, let alone voice out loud. But do you know who never complains about the weight? Our Savior Jesus Christ. He understands; He knows. 

He lovingly takes our burdens upon Himself and offers us relief. Elder Rasband reminds us, “When we are heavy laden with mistakes, heartaches, feelings of inadequacy, disappointment, anger, or sin, the power of the Savior’s Atonement is, by divine design, one of the things that lifts the soul.”

The things of our soul can be both heavy and light; they can be anything that brings us closer to Christ—questions, spiritual gifts, ways in which we feel the spirit, and how we commune with the Father. Our Heavenly Parents want so badly for us to come to know who we are, and love who we are, so that we can return to them and want to stay.

- Nicole Adair


I am an infinite soul capable of holding many things because my Savior Jesus Christ is holding me. He values my divinity and so must I.


Follow the counsel of Elder Rasband and look for your own eight, nine, and ten.

If you have your patriarchal blessing, read it this week. Search for the things of your soul listed in this personal scripture for you. Write them down and specifically ask the Father how these things can bring you closer to Him.

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