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The Great Possession

The Great Possession

Real quick before we dive in, I want to comment on a phrase that Elder Holland used in his address. He said, “...we are to declare ourselves all in.”

I fear this can be mistaken for a gospel of all or nothing. That we are only worthy of His love or welcome in the congregation if we somehow master the heroic capacity to do allll the things.

No, His is a gospel of grace and growth. A place where we are welcomed even with our flaws and where we are invited to change our hearts for the better.

I believe the first step to being all in is simply being honest about what our all is. Of course, it changes from day to day—some days we have more to give than others—but at the end of the day, you know as well as God does if you gave Him your all that day. And some days that looks like boxes left unchecked, and that’s okay.

Days like this do not disqualify you from His love. Nothing will. For it is the first great truth in the universe that God loves us exactly that way—wholeheartedly, without reservation or compromise, with all of His heart, might, mind, and strength.”

This Valentine’s Day, let His love “set the tone of our lives”. Let it be the reason relationships are mended, misunderstandings are forgiven, differences are celebrated, and joy is found again.

Surely today’s complexities can be dissolved with the greatest, most simple commandment—to Love God.



I offer my whole soul to He who loves me without end. I let His infinite love set the tone for my life and  my relationships.


This week’s invitation is simple. I believe you know deep down who needs more of your love right now. It could be God longing to hear from you, it could be your spouse hoping to reconnect, it could be your littles just needing a moment of your whole and undivided attention. Or maybe it’s you that’s calling for more patience and grace as you gently navigate the season you’re in. Wherever it might be, be generous with your love this week.

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