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The Faith to Ask and Then to Act

The Faith to Ask and Then to Act

I love how President Eyring called his talk a “visit.” I hope to "visit" with you today about two thoughts.

One’s about needs. The other is about seeds.


Sometimes I struggle through words to say to Heavenly Father. What could I say so He’d know what I feel? As I’ve learned more about His good nature, I’ve learned to trust that God wants you to speak openly with Him. God also wants to visit with you.

In these moments where I struggle to find the words to say, I ask a question: “Do I trust God with what I’m going through?”

President Eyring reminds us of Joseph Smith’s experience. He “had faith sufficient to ask a question of God, believing that God would answer his heartfelt need.” Like Joseph Smith, you have many “heartfelt needs.” God sees your courage as you intentionally invite Him to help you. This is faith, and “faith in Jesus Christ is the key to receiving revelations of truth.”


Several weeks ago, I sat in the temple pondering a phrase from President Eyring: “Opposition and trials have long been a seedbed for the growth of faith.” Everywhere I looked inside the temple, flowers appeared. In this moment, God taught me a beautiful truth: How often do you focus on the flower without cherishing where that flower began—as a tiny seed in a seedbed?

A flower goes through stages of growth—planting, forming roots, emerging through soil, and blooming. Seedbeds are “a place or source of growth or development.” Each stage of growth looks different and cannot be rushed. Receiving revelation (or answers to “heartfelt needs”) in an environment of opposition may look like the growth of a seed. By nurturing your heartfelt needs with divine help, you can experience joy in all stages of growth.

As you do this, you fall in love with the Master Gardener, whose gentle touch tends your garden of precious seeds. Jesus Christ handles your heartfelt needs with care and growth. Together you’ll grow a breathtaking garden, blossoming with each seed of your faith.

-Madison Peery

Read the full talk by President Henry B. Eyring HERE.


I visit with my Heavenly Father about my heartfelt needs. My trials are an opportunity to grow in the process of revelation.


Like Joseph Smith, you have “heartfelt needs” right now. This could be a situation you’re struggling with. It may be a question you have. It could be the need for guidance or strength. No matter your heartfelt need, Heavenly Father has promised to answer (see Matthew 7:7-8).

Watch one of the videos from Apostles and other Church leaders about how they hear Jesus Christ. Consider these experiences each time you pray this week. You can do so HERE.

How do you #HearHim in your own life? As you receive revelation, answers may come in unexpected ways. Look for the  ways He answers you. As you do this, you will better learn how Jesus Christ communicates with you in your life so you can ask “ever-better questions and [learn] to act on the continuing flow of revelation.”

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