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Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple

Simply Beautiful, Beautifully Simple

I’m an overthinker. It’s easy for me to get trapped in my head, stuck in an endless cycle of worries and “what-ifs” as I seek to follow my Savior. Oftentimes I focus too much on what’s outside of my control rather than prioritizing the small acts of discipleship I can do each day.

Elder Stevenson reminds us that this gospel is “simply beautiful and beautifully simple.” But sometimes we overcomplicate things; it’s not our fault, it’s just our human natures wrestling with divinely spiritual truths—things are bound to get messy.

But as we turn to the One who can see through our messes and our mistakes, we will be blessed with more opportunities to become like Him, He who serves and looks for the one in need.

We are all in need, and we are all capable of being His hands here on the earth. That’s God’s beautiful plan in action, a marvelous balance of giving and taking, of being served and being of service. As we seek to follow Christ and simplify our lives hand in hand with the Spirit, we can ask our Father in Heaven this simple question: what would you have me do today?

But please remember: don’t overcomplicate it. Every moment of service doesn't always have to be a grand, miraculous act. More often than not, our everyday opportunities are as small and simple as the gentle truths of the gospel.

Who can I love?

Who can I lift?

Who can I share my light with?

And when we remember that our love, our ability to lift, and our very light itself come from our Maker Jesus Christ, we remember that all things are possible through Him. We can perform miracles great and small because He can. And he wants to share His power and His joy with us.


I focus on the beautiful simplicities of His gospel, striving not to over-complicate my divine responsibilities.


Focus on simplifying your service this week. When you pray, ask for a specific opportunity to be the Savior’s hands, and ask for the faith to act on the prompting when it comes.

Or maybe this week you need to be served. Pray for the courage to ask for help if you need it, and the faith to receive it when it arrives.

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