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Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives

Seeing More of Jesus Christ in Our Lives
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Have you ever heard of “The Invisible Gorilla?” It's an experiment where viewers are asked to watch a video and count the number of times a basketball is passed around a group. 

Then they ask another question: Did you see the gorilla? 

If you rewind the video, you’ll see a gorilla in the middle of the action! Researchers found half of the viewers didn’t see the gorilla. This illustrates how viewers see what they focused on. 

This concept relates to Sister Browning’s words, “Where we look for [Jesus] we will find Him—each and every day.” 

Where are you looking for Jesus? What do you use to see Him? 

I love the illustration of Sister Browning putting on her glasses. “My reflexive need, before I do anything else at the start of my day, is to reach for my glasses to help me make sense of my surroundings and enjoy a more vibrant experience as they help me navigate throughout my day.” 

What are your spiritual glasses? What helps you clarify, focus, and ground the world around you? Just like she needs glasses, there are tools you can use to improve your spiritual vision.

I’ve seen how hard this can be in practice. Months ago, I struggled through a hard situation. I couldn’t see a happy ending. Then a prompting came: “Where are you expecting Jesus in this situation?”

In truth, I wasn’t expecting to see Him at all. I had what President Nelson recently referred to as “myopic vision.” I couldn’t see Jesus because I only saw the hard and the heartbreak. I needed to expand my perspective of the situation—to see the eternal. This is what the Spirit helped me do. Just like you can’t see the gorilla if you focus on the basketball, you’ll miss Jesus if you reach for the “what-ifs” before reaching for Him. 

In trials, will you clarify your situation so you won’t miss His miracles?

In waiting, will you focus your vision on His loving promises?

In heartache, will you ground yourself in His greater grace?

Every day is an opportunity to change your perspective so that He can change you.


Make note of when you see evidence of Jesus Christ in this week. You can do this throughout the day, maybe taking notes in your phone. Or perhaps at the end of each day you grab a pen and paper and write down where you felt His presence or love.


I look for Jesus Christ so that I may see my life through Him and know his guidance, power, and peace.

Written by Madison Peery


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