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one percent better

one percent better

Last week Elder Rasband talked of the deceit, craftiness, and secular ways gaining momentum in the world today.” And a thought came to mind—that may be what is inevitably gaining momentum in the world, but what is gaining momentum in my own life? We do not have to succumb or fall victim to the world’s momentum. We can, and we must, create our own if we wish to spiritually survive in this life. If we are not consciously creating our own energetic waves of change, progression, and improvement, we will absorb the momentum of the world simply by default.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

Or to quit trying. Or to be made to believe that their small, meager efforts won’t make a difference.

But my friend, they will. They WILL and they ARE. Let me just cheer you on for a moment right here and tell you that evil has not. yet. triumphed. The very fact that you are reading this email means that you are doing something. And if the only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing, then all that is needed to keep evil at bay is something.

And the good news? THIS is a gospel of all or something, not a gospel of all or nothing. His is a gospel of small, daily, genuine efforts through which He can make up for all that we lack.

Elder Dunn shares Neal A. Maxwell’s words “Each assertion of a righteous desire, each act of service, and each act of worship, however small and incremental, adds to our spiritual momentum.” 

Friends, I know that at times the gap from where you are to where you desire to be feels huge. It can feel completely overwhelming and like Elder Dunn says, an ever “perplexing mortal quest to improve ourselves.”

But I love his question, what if “instead of trying to perfect everything, what if we tackled just one thing?

And what if we did just that one small thing—that one verse, that one minute in prayer, one ___—again and again and again.

“For small gains to aggregate, there must be a consistent, day-in and day-out effort. And although we won’t likely be perfect, we must be determined to mirror our persistence with patience. . . Undaunted in our determination.”

Lastly, let me just remind you that your small, incremental efforts may go unnoticed by those around you. There may not be someone at every turn to cheer you on and with a standing ovation. YOU must be your own cheering section in those moments. YOU must be kind and gentle enough to yourself to recognize the small and steady growth. Even celebrate it!!

But for the times when even you don’t feel or notice any change, know that it is not lost on Him. He not only notices every effort, He consecrates it. And He has never stopped, and will never stop, cheering you on.


I am gaining spiritual momentum with every small, daily effort to be a little better. I meet persistence with patience, undaunted in my determination.


“I invite you to examine your life and see what’s stagnated or slowed you on the covenant pathway. Seek modest but makeable fixes in your life that might result in the sweet joy of being just a little better.”

Listen to Brooke’s Snows podcast episode Floors and Ceilings and determine your floors—your foundation—to become just a little better and create spiritual momentum in your life.


Inhale: I will allow my persistence

Exhale: to be met with patience.

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Gayle Burbidge

I am sitting out here on my deck in this beautiful November weather Light Streaming through the trees the beautiful leaves and reading my wonderful work and wonder collective, we believe. I also received my cards today and with my eyes filled with tears and thankfulness in my heart for people who give so much to bless others lives thank you is not enough. I feel that this collective will be with my scriptures as a continual reference. Thank you so much for your beautiful women who help in this work and wonder project. God bless you with the greatest inspiration that you know.


This was a fantastic talk and a great lesson by you above. My heart is full today of gratitude. Blessings to you, Rio!

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