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Make Time For The Lord

Make Time For The Lord
President Nelson's short and sweet closing to October's conference turned out to be one of the messages I needed the most. He seemed to simplify our post-conference “calls-to-action” (which can sometimes feel overwhelming), to just one heartfelt request. 
Make time for Him.
If we wish to counter the “voices and pressures of the world”, we must “[make] time for the Lord in [our] life—each and every day.”
But here's what I find so interesting—before his invitation, President Nelson reminds us that how we  "set our own priorities and determine how we use our energy, time, and means” are among the things we can control.
How often do we feel victim to our business, routines, and default habits? Victim to our limited time and resources to accomplish all that we wish we could do? Certainly there are schedules and commitments that we have less control over like work shifts, school pick-ups and drop-offs, and babies still waking in the night. But when we take a closer look at the hours and minutes in between, the choice is ours.
As President Monson said, “Of this be sure, you do not find the happy life, you make it.” Same goes for time with the Lord. It is not something you will stumble upon, or suddenly find in your lap. In fact, one of Satan’s greatest tools is to fill in the cracks that we do not intentionally and carefully fill ourselves.
We would be wise to listen to our dear prophet, when twice, in his brief address, he pleads with us to ”Make time for the Lord! Make your own spiritual foundation firm and able to stand the test of time by doing those things that allow the Holy Ghost to be with you always.”
I do not wait to find time for the Lord. I intentionally create time to be with Him throughout my life, each and every day.
Towards the end of his closing remarks, President Nelson makes one more plea to us..."Please make time for the Lord in His holy house. Nothing will strengthen your spiritual foundation like temple service and temple worship."
Is there a time you can arrange to attend the temple this month? I know how tricky that can be with young kids, schedules, and maybe longer travel times. But we are promised that nothing will fortify us more against the "lures of the world" than spending time in the temple.

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