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Legacy of Encouragement

Legacy of Encouragement
Read full address by President Henry B. Eyring

My kids and I love collecting Pokemon cards. My daughter favors creatures with big eyes, fluffy tails, and sweet names. My seven-year-old builds his collection on characters with the highest hit points. All he has to do is look for the number in the right-hand corner to see how powerful someone is.

Determining the strength of a person is much more complicated. Society suggests many avenues for becoming our “most powerful.” There are books on influencing others, podcasts about taking charge of your destiny, and GymTok videos with millions of views. 

President Eyring reminds us that the gospel approach to influence is not egocentric or complicated. He points out that meekness is strength and dependence on the Savior is a powerful legacy.

My thoughts turned to a quote by Elder Christofferson from May of 2022. He said,

“If the love of Christ dwells in us, others will know that our love for them is genuine. If the light of the Holy Spirit burns within us, it will rekindle the Light of Christ within them. What you are lends authenticity to your invitation to come experience the joy of the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

The key to having a long-lasting effect on others is simple. If we want to be a positive influence in the lives of our family and friends, we must exemplify a love for God and for others.

We create a legacy of encouragement when we live and love as Christ did.

We uplift our friends when we listen to their struggles with genuine concern. 

We fortify our children when we help them turn to God with their questions. 

We reinforce relationships when we treat others with kindness and respect.

We nourish testimonies when we bear ours.

We inspire individuals when we share meaningful experiences on social media.

We motivate others when we testify of Christ’s role in our lives.

Christ is the true source of power and joy. With His help, we can evolve into the best version of ourselves and encourage others to do the same.


Ponder ways you can leave a legacy of encouragement. Start by thinking of those who have made a long-lasting impact on your life and testimony. How did they make you feel? How do you hope others feel when they’re around you? Write down three goal words that represent how you hope people feel in your presence. (Example: Safe, heard, hopeful) Search the scriptures for instances when Christ helped individuals to feel those things. What can you learn from Christ’s example?


I can be a powerful influence for good as I live my life according to Christ’s principles.

Written by Stacie Carnley

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