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Is The Plan Working?

Is The Plan Working?

I believe Elder Ochoa addressed many of us when he said, “I speak to those who at one time ‘felt to sing the song of redeeming love’ but do not ‘feel so now.’” In other words, we might feel that the plan is not working when life does not unfold the way we expected it to.

And yet, President Nelson has invited us to seek, and expect miracles!! I’m learning that expectations can be tough to understand and navigate. Maybe this is why our prophet also invited us to learn how God works.

There will be times in life when our expected miracles aren’t meeting expectations—they show up differently than we had played it out in our minds, or they just aren’t showing up in this life at all! What then? What kind of effect is that having on our zest and motivation to keep trekking on the covenant path?! Well, I’ll tell you that for me, it can feel like a real buzzkill at times.

This is when the natural man in us wants to reach back for that boat—something that is likely a temporary fix, but that is also familiar and comfortable to us. Yet, Peter’s example teaches us to “trust the Savior more than we trust [our] boat”. So what is the difference then, between someone who reaches back for their boat versus someone who instinctively reaches for their Savior?

The Savior can be that buoy in our lives when God’s timing feels frustrating or disappointing—when it feels like expecting that miracle is testing every bit of our patience. If there is anyone who has developed an unshaken trust in our Father, it is our Brother, Jesus Christ. Let Him be your rest, your relief, your familiar source of comfort in the waiting.

One last thought—if we are expecting miracles, how might it benefit us to also expect, or anticipate, the “boisterous winds that can shake our faith and cause us to sink”?

Keep in mind there are two kinds of turbulence here. One occurs simply because we are here to experience the fullness of this life, every spectrum of emotion. The other is triggered by a moment of weakness, or poor choice made—also due to our human state and the role the adversary unfortunately plays in our lives.

These winds shouldn’t surprise us, or catch us off guard, yet sometimes we can feel so blindsided by their effect. So I’ll leave you with these beautiful words from Elder Ochoa…

“When this happens, please remember that Heavenly Father’s plan of happiness has another name—the plan of redemption. The plan was not for us to glide easily through life, never stumbling, never sinking, with a smile always on our face. Heavenly Father knew that we would need to be redeemed. This is why He prepared the plan of redemption. This is why He sent a Redeemer. When we struggle—for any reason—that does not mean the plan isn’t working. That is when we need the plan the most!”


I reach for the Savior, leaning on His trust as I develop my own in the Father’s plan for me. I anticipate the storms knowing His plan is in place to keep me safe, offer rest, and allow me to grow and progress in my journey.


Expect miracles. Anticipate the winds. Reach for the Savior.  Trust in God. Write these down, and display them where you will see them often! Maybe you choose one way to act on each one this week.




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