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Hope In Christ

Hope In Christ
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An expectant hope. Having hope in Christ is much more than tossing a hopeful wish into the stars and crossing your fingers it was heard. No, Heavenly Father and His Son are the in business of promises fulfilled, blessings realized, commitments kept, and prayers answered. We are invited to see hope as an expectation that will be realized. This is the kind of hope that propels us through temptation, fosters enduring resilience, and sinks our roots deeper into the sure knowledge of our divine origin.

Growth in the waiting. While we wait on the Lord for promises to be fulfilled, we have a choice to wait actively or passively. One will leave you the same as you were before, the other will leave you changed for the better. In many ways, all of us are always waiting for something—an answer to a burning question, a heart to be healed, forgiveness to be realized, love to be had, a family to grow, a reuniting embrace. We can easily be consumed by the "waiting" and look at life through a narrow self-centered lens, but the truth is this doesn't bring the blessing any faster—nothing may not—simply because the timing is in the Lord's hands. Elder Ballared suggests that we lift our gaze, extend our reach, and open our hearts to others while we wait.

A gospel of belonging. I think sometimes we underestimate the power of belonging and the impact it can have on one's well-being. After all, it is one of our core needs, yet, do we treat it as such? Do we go out of our way to make sure our fellow brothers and sisters are not only surrounded by us, but also loved and accepted? As members of the gospel of Jesus Christ, we breathe life and love into the layers of belonging—we belong to His church, we belong to Heavenly Parents, we belong to an eternal family, we belong to each other as we look after, lift up, and link arms with one another.


"The personal growth one can achieve now while waiting upon the Lord and His promises is an invaluable, sacred element of His plan for each one of us."

"I speak of hope in Christ not as wishful thinking. Instead, I speak of hope as an expectation that will be realized. Such hope is essential to overcoming adversity, fostering spiritual resilience and strength, and coming to know that we are loved by our Eternal Father and that we are His children, who belong to His family."


I hope in Christ with expectation because I know His promises are sure. Even in the waiting, I lift my gaze and extend my reach towards others while we work and wait together.

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