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Do What Matterth Most

Do What Matterth Most
Most of us have heard the quote, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Well, here's my question then…what does it take for good to triumph in our lives?
I would venture to say it's a lot more simple than we think….
I believe if all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing…then all that is needed for the triumph of good is that each of us do SOMETHING.
Not everything. And certainly not everything perfectly.
As Sister Craven shared, “It’s not about doing life perfectly—it’s about finding joy while doing our best to live the covenants we have made with the Lord.”
But too often, I think we want to over complicate it. Somewhere along the way we convinced ourselves that only the grand, flawless, and never-missed-a-day efforts counted for something. So even with the best intentions to do good, understand more, or grow closer to Him, we can become paralyzed with what we believe our efforts should look like, and not even try at all for fear of falling short.
“If you want to know anything, you will have to do something. Conversion won’t come while doing nothing. It comes through the power of the Holy Ghost as we intentionally make an effort to know by asking, seeking, and knocking. It comes by doing.”
His is not a gospel of all or nothing, but a gospel of all or something. A gospel of small, daily, genuine efforts through which He graciously and lovingly makes up for all that we lack.
And if we take it even one step further by ensuring our efforts are in those areas that truly matter most, we avoid the lure of the adversary to distract us with things that actually don't carry as much importance when we pause to look a the bigger picture. 
"It takes effort to stay focused on what is truly essential for lasting joy. Satan would love nothing more than for us to misplace our eternal values, leading us to waste precious time, talents, or spiritual strength on things that matter not. I invite each of us to prayerfully consider those things that distract us from doing what mattereth most."
Don't forget, not everyday of doing something will lead to grand ah-ha moments, warm fuzzies of knowing you made difference, or a cheering section to keep you going. Sometimes we don't see the effects of our efforts right away. On those days, remember that no amount of effort goes unnoticed by He who numbered the sand and the stars. He has never stopped, and will never stop, cheering you on.
Give Him your all, even something each day, and He will give you everything.
I let God prevail in my life by doing something every day to seek Him. I let go of perfection and navigate the distractions as I strive to spend my efforts on what truly matters most.

Ponder your latest good intentions. Try not to get discourage by what you haven't done, but see them as a great place to start because it shows our hearts have the desire to be a little better. Write them down, then write down what you can do to meet those intentions with action. Get specific, even when and where you will show forth the action and effort—your daily something to show the Lord your commitment and desire for a covenant relationship with Him

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