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Daily Restoration

Daily Restoration

Let me start my thoughts by saying this—you are not a broken record, you have not failed too many times, you have not run out of chances, you are not incapable of change, you were never expected to do it right the first, second, or even forty-sixth time!!—You. Are. Simply. (and beautifully) Human.

Elder Uchtodrf shares that this “has been the pattern from the days of Adam until now.” In fact he says this FIVE different ways through his message…

“We are all susceptible.”

“It is human nature [to] drift off course.”

“We inevitably deviate off course”

“As human beings, we tend to wander.”

“We all drift from time to time.”

My friend, let it go—the story you are telling yourself that mistakes or imperfect days are not welcome. They were always a part of the deal. You are not weak because your course curves and winds from time to time—you are human. Every course correction only makes you stronger and draws you closer to Him. Every effort made to recalibrate strengthens that muscle.

But trust me, I know how hard it is to realign when the last thing we feel like doing is praying, or pondering,  or studying scriptures that sometimes just don’t make sense. My invitation is to simply keep moving. Just one small thing. It’s okay if your prayer is quick and a little frustrated, pray anyway. It’s okay if it’s just one verse and it didn’t give you the warm, fuzzies, read anyway.

“We need an ongoing, daily infusion of heavenly light . . . “Rolling waters” cannot long “remain impure.” We have to keep rolling!”

Don’t give up hope now. He longs to walk beside you, as you chat about the good, the beautiful, and the hard, like old friends do.

To restore something is to return to its original form. Let us return to Him, daily—our first Home, our Maker. Let us restore the relationship with the little things and let them add up over time. We must stop believing that it’s all about the grand gestures and daily perfection—it never was. 

“Minutes and hours well spent are the building blocks of a life well lived.” So it goes with relationships. Every minute and hour spent with a dear friend, through terrain both rugged and smooth, is a relationship well loved.

Read Elder Uchtdorf's Talk HERE

I restore my relationship with my Savior through daily effort, humility and courage to return again and again. With every course correction, I grow closer to Him.


Look closely at your daily routines and patterns. Are they minutes well spent? Are we striving to restore and nurture our relationship with our Savior or are we striving for perfection in hopes to earn a relationship with Him.

Build a daily spiritual rhythm or practice that is built around time well spent with the Savior. Let go of expectations, even checkboxes, and listen to what your spirit needs. It might look different every day or you might begin to see patterns. What counts is that the relationship is your why, and you invite Him into your story, daily.



Thank you! I am just coming out of a rut, a funk. I’ve been negative toward myself for my inability to control certain things in my life and for sabotaging my own happiness. I know better, but I am weak. I can see the light again. And the encouragement of this amazing message is helping me correct my course. ❤️

Rachel Almond

Love this!!! Love your work!! Thank you!

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