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Courage to Proclaim the Truth / What is True?

Courage to Proclaim the Truth / What is True?
Read full address by Elder Denelson Silva
Read full address by President Russell M. Nelson

Elder Dennelson Silva said in his general conference talk, “When we agree to believe in the truth and to follow it, and when we make an effort to become true disciples of Jesus Christ, we do not receive a certificate with a guarantee that we will not make mistakes, that we will not be tempted to walk away from the truth, that we will not be criticized, or even that we will not experience afflictions.” 

I can confirm what Elder Silva said is true— in my quest to be a true disciple of Christ I have made many mistakes. I have experienced heartache and sorrow, some of my own making, and some not. I have at times felt alone and confused. It is in these times that I remember that like Enos in the Book of Mormon, sometimes in order to gain knowledge of truth I need to wrestle and struggle with God. Some truth is easy for me to gain, but a lot of it requires work, sacrifice, trust in the covenants I made, and a wrestle with the God who loves me. 

In President Nelson’s recent talk, “What is True,” he said, “Some would have us believe that truth is relative—that each person should determine for himself or herself what is true. Such a belief is but wishful thinking for those who mistakenly think they will not be accountable to God. . . . God is the source of all truth.”

In the age of limitless information, extremely loud opinions, and my own desire to be right and do right, I sometimes get confused on how to best proceed. I desperately want to validate people’s experiences, love like the Savior, and teach my children to do right without using shame as a resource. Adulting in this day and age can be complicated at best. How comforting is it that God is the source of all truth? Through the gospel of Jesus Christ and the covenants that we make through the priesthood, Heavenly Father and His Spirit are made available to us so we can know for ourselves how to move forward.


Ponder how your covenants have helped you to access truth. Find a time to bear your testimony of the way God communicates His truth to you to someone you love and trust.


I courageously proclaim God’s truth and lovingly defend it. Trusting that He is the source of truth does not protect me from all hardships but promises I will never face them alone.

Written by Stephanie Wood

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