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Conversion to the Will of God

Conversion to the Will of God
I've always heard the word conversion and envisioned a spectacular event—those life-altering moments where one cannot deny the overwhelming feeling of being converted in Christ.  For some, these moments come to mind easily! For others, maybe those born and raised within the church like myself, these grand moments are harder to pinpoint.
But as I've reflected on these “bigger” events of living the gospel—conversion, repentance, submission of one's will and letting His prevail—I'm realizing more and more that they can, in fact, be boiled down to daily acts.
One of President Nelson's powerful invitations to us just this past conference was to “discover the joy of daily repentance!”. In Gospel Topics, under Conversion, “It reads, ”Although conversion is miraculous and life changing, it is a quiet miracle. Conversion is a process, not an event." Elder Quentin L. Cook from another one of his recent addresses adds, “Deep and lasting conversion . . . requires consistent, daily efforts to understand and live the gospel.” And finally President Nelson's compelling list of questions from October 2020's conference, “Are you willing to let God prevail in your life? Will you allow His words, His commandments, and His covenants to influence what you do each day?”
Daily repentance.
Daily submission and “conscious acceptance”.
Daily conversion.
These are not boxes to check-off, but rather mindsets to have and to work towards—daily efforts to realign, recommit, and renew.
Elder Cook warns that, “In our day, many have adopted the concept that there should be no consequence for sin. They support the unconditional condoning of sin without repentance.” Many don't see it necessary to change their ways or even improve their character. Yet perhaps this is one of the greatest rewards of gospel living—the opportunity to be transformed from a natural man into “a sanctified, born again, purified person—a new creature in Christ Jesus” and to experience “the banquet of consequences and blessings that flow from conversion—true and permanent peace and the personal assurance of ultimate happiness.”

Don’t let the gap of where you are now to where you wish to be overwhelm or paralyze you. Remember there is no universal timeline, He is not worried about how long or how many tries it takes. He only cares that you keep at it. That you continue to make that conscious choice to invite Him in daily so He can match your efforts with His saving and enabling grace.

I welcome daily conversion into my life, knowing that joyful repentance and conscious acceptance of His will are crucial prerequisites to that process.

Elder Cook shares that “laboring for the conversion of oneself and others is the noble task." He also reminds us that this Gospel will be proclaimed “by the weak and the simple." That is ALL of us!!
Take notes along your journey of daily conversion and share them with others! Share what's working, what isn't, what inspires you and what you find to be distracting. We are all here to journey together and walk each other Home. How can we become “His voice and His hands”, inviting all to "come and see"?

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