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But We Heeded Them Not

But We Heeded Them Not

Every conference, there's always a talk that has me muttering under by breath, easier said than done. Well, that's typically a sign that I need to come back to the message with a softer heart and a willingness to dig a little deeper. And usually I find that, yes, it is easier said than done, most things are. BUT! I also discover guidance, motivation, and encouragement to follow through with the doing part.
So. The part that feels SO much easier to say than actually do? Right here…
"Heed not” the evil influences…
“Heed not” the mocking voices…
“Heed not” the many distractions, taunts, and diversions in our fallen world….
“Heed not” the allurements of the adversary…
Now, the doing would be a lot easier if the adversary didn't work so hard on us, if he didn't already know where the chink in our armor was, if it wasn't his full-time gig to try and bring us down with him. Unfortunately for us, those things are all true. So sure, it's easy to say, “Heed not the allurements of the adversary…” But when read it this way, pay no attention to ________ (fill in the blank with that temptation that always seems to rear its ugly head). That's when it gets tough—when you're face-to-face with an allurement tailored to your Achilles heel.
With all that being said, I want to tell you two things…
First, before you put yourself in the dog house remember this, the flesh is weak. That is a fact we all came here with. Let go of the guilt and stop listening to the story that you're the only one who keeps struggling with the same mistake over and over again. You're not. The natural man is in of all of us and we're all fighting, I promise.
But here's the best part, and the second thing I want to tell you…
Our flesh may have been designed to house weakness and worldly desires, but your spirit was designed to overcome them by God himself. You have what it takes because you have Him.

“I frankly do not have the ability to describe adequately the precise nature and power of our covenant connection with the resurrected and living Son of God. But I witness that the connections with Him and Heavenly Father are real and are the ultimate sources of assurance, peace, joy, and the spiritual strength that enable us to “fear not, though the enemy deride.”
As covenant-making and covenant-keeping disciples of Jesus Christ, we can be blessed to take “courage, for the Lord is on our side” and pay no attention to evil influences and secular scoffing.”
Satan may know you well, but your Father in Heaven knows you perfectly. We were prepared for a time such as this, and we must not let go of our lifeline back to heaven—our connection to God and our Savior.
“If we abide in Christ, then He will abide in and walk with us. Press on. Hold fast. Heed not.”
I will press on and heed not the luring of the adversary. I hold fast to the covenant bond I have with my Savior—abiding in Him that He may abide in and walk with me.
How can we approach this Sabbath with “proper preparation to participate in the ordinance of the sacrament.” In this fight against the adversary, I believe it is crucial for us to be acutely aware of our weaknesses so we can involve the Savior in our every effort to meet them with spiritual strength. Spend some time with the Lord and share what is on your heart. Share where you're hurting and where you're fighting and allow Him to “abide with you”. We were never meant to navigate this life alone, sometimes it just takes us reaching out for His hand.

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This is exactly what I needed today. I loved the line “You have what it takes because you have Him”. I have recently been called to serve a mission and I have been feeling very up and down about it. Maybe it’s Satan working extra hard because he knows how important it is for my growth. I have been feeling like I don’t know enough, yet lacking the motivation to learn more. It has truly been the strangest mix of emotions, but reading this article today has made me realize it’s not about me. It’s about working together with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ to become who they want me to be and take me where others need me. It’s about being their instrument and humbling myself to realize it takes faith and patience in the process. Turning to Him and giving myself to Him requires faith, but I feel so much better knowing He is with me and I am doing this WITH Him.

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