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Bless In His Name

Bless In His Name
Read the address by President Eyring 

Hey friend,

I want to begin by reminding you that your influence matters. Whether it be your ability to connect with someone one-on-one or reach thousands online—it matters the same and this world needs both. You were given unique gifts and talents, characteristics and strengths that the Lord has need of.

Here's the thing though—sometimes we feel this pressure to perform or meet expectations. To not only be an example or magnify our calling, but to do so without error. We tell ourselves that only then are we of use to the Lord—when we've figured it all out, when we've perfected our calling, when our talents are polished and worthy to share, when we can articulate our testimonies with vigor and eloquence. And so we pray for this—and naturally so—because we fear failing.

Elder Eyring uttered a similar prayer, “for help to know how not to fail,” as he prepared to pass the sacrament for the first time.

But in his later years he learned something that I believe can apply to each one of us striving to be on the Lord's errand. He shares, “Instead of thinking about the process or precision in the way I passed the sacrament . . . or praying for how well I might do my part . . . I prayed that the people would feel the Lord’s love through my loving service. 

It is not how well we do our part, it is why we do it that, in the end, blesses the lives of our brothers and sisters.

The Lord calls the weak. He qualifies the imperfect. He makes up the difference where we lack and reaches His children through our sincere efforts, not our flawless performance. 

Friends, let us pray for this. Let us pray that His will may become our why. That we may see ourselves as He sees us—a capable and unique instrument in His hands, created for a specific purpose, despite the rust we may have here and there. For it is through our efforts that we are fine-tuned and polished by Him. It is through the process of putting faith before fear that our influence is sanctified for His marvelous purposes. 




"You may feel small compared to the great sweep of what the Lord will do. If you do, I invite you to ask prayerfully how the Lord sees you."

"It will depend on our diligence in trying to know the Lord’s will and our efforts to hear His voice so that we can know better what He wants for the person we are serving for Him. That magnification will come in small steps. It may come slowly, but it will come."


I pray that His will may become my why, as I put faith before fear, so that I can be an instrument in His hands to bring to pass His marvelous work.

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