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A House of Sequential Order

A House of Sequential Order

Decisions. Fear. Disappointment. Trials. Delayed dreams. (Even “closed borders.”) No matter where you are in the world, I’m sure you’ve been in uncertain situations.

Elder Sikahema reminds us, “We’ve come to earth to learn and gain experience we would not otherwise have.” Part of this earth life is growing, and this growth can feel unexpected, uncertain, and uncomfortable.

But in these moments, God will remind you that He is a God of certainty and “sequential order.”

Sometimes we may hear the word “order” and feel restricted. But the pattern demonstrated by Christ isn’t confining. It’s refining.

Elder Sikahema teaches that “sequential order” is “a simple, natural, and effective way for the Lord to teach [you] important principles.” No matter where you are on your journey, know that the Lord will teach you “individually according to [your] capacity to learn.”

If you’re wondering what your next step should be, look to the Savior. Ask questions with curiosity! Look to the temple, His “House of sequential order.” As you cling to your covenants, Christ can “restore order to [your life].”

He can turn what you see as a misstep into a step on the path to a miracle.

As Elder Holland wrote, “[Christ] knows the way because He is the way.”

A life with Christ isn’t about staying stationary in uncertain places. It’s about taking that next step to move forward with Him. There may be uncertainty in your life right now. But you have a Savior who came to earth because He never wanted you to walk in uncertainty. Maybe you’ve never been at this point in your life before. Maybe you’ve never done this or felt this way before.

But there’s One who has.

You can learn that the very steps of your life are ordered to Him. He knows where you’ve been, where you are, and where you’re going.

So, what will your next step be on the covenant path with Him?



I am refined, not confined, by the path before me. I will be blessed as I look for and follow the patterns in which the Lord teaches what’s most important to Him.


This week, look for the patterns and the sequences of God. Try and see the why behind His inspired order and direction. As you look back on your life, maybe there was a time when you were frustrated or confused at the order and way things seemed to be going. But with the knowledge you have now, does that sequence of events make sense?

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