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Small and Simple Things


A minimal decal to remind you that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass." This high-quality vinyl transfer sticker is designed for your mirror, computer, windows, or wherever you'll see it most.


Color: black
Dimensions: 2" x 6"

  1. Make sure your surface is ready. It should be clean, smooth, and dust-free. Measure and mark where you would like to place your decal.
  2. Slowly remove the white backing from the clear side (where the decal should remain attached).
  3. Apply the decal, starting with one corner and slowly moving to the opposite corner, being sure to watch for air bubbles. A credit card is helpful to evenly apply pressure.
  4. Finally, start at one of the corners and slowly pull the clear transfer tape off, being careful not to lift up part of the decal. If it sticks to the transfer tape, put the tape back on the surface and use the credit card, then try again.

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Small and Simple Things