Wide-Margin Compilation | OCT19


It's HERE!!! A wide margin compilation of ALL the addresses from this October conference. You can print from home, or take it to your local printer, where they can even help you bind it! It is 94 pages, designed to be printed front and back. This has proven to be a FAVORITE study tool among our community! We hope this .pdf, along with your W+W workbook, organizes your notes and gives you all the space needed to record those inspired promptings and dive in to these messages deeper.

Some of our favorite places to take this in for binding are StaplesOfficeDepot, Alphagraphics, or your local print shop!

Don’t let the “conference high fade”, and join us as we revisit 24 talks over the next 24 weeks! If you're new, you can learn more here!! Subscribe to our email list or follow along on Instagram!! We'll keep everything updated on our blog as well! Happy Studying!!